What Makes Amerikick Andorra the Best school Around?


It’s simple, the dedication to teaching its students how to act in the dojo as well as outside the dojo.

At Amerikick Andorra we teach Karate with the goal to spread the knowledge and passion of martial arts and NOT to trick you into long term contracts and drain your bank account.   

Amerikick Andorra's instructors give the focus and attention each child that steps on the mat deserves. While most schools have 1 instructor per class of 20, Amerikick Andorra has 1 head instructor per class plus 2-3 equally knowledgeable instructors to personally help students, giving them the one on one extra attention needed to achieve their personal goal.  

All Amerikick Andorra instructors have achieved a black belt rank and have each dedicated hundreds if not thousands of hours of hard work to achieve this rank.

Amerikick Andorra stands by our dedication to our students in helping them not only succeed in Karate but succeed in life. Our core value to teach our art as well as practical skills, such as confidence, focus, dedication, determination, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit, lead each student to live a happy and healthy body and mind.

Isn’t it time you let Amerikick Andorra become your Martial Arts Academy?

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Amerikick Andorra

Andorra Shopping Center

701 E Cathedral Road Suite 6

Philadelphia, PA 19128

(215) 483-1800

Facebook: Amerikick Andorra


Monday - Friday: 4pm - 8:15pm

Saturday: 9am - 1:30pm

Sunday: Closed