Our Philosophy


For centuries, millions of people have learned and benefited from the Martial Arts. They learned a philosophy that believes in strengthening the mind and body through modesty, courtesy, integrity, self-control, perseverance, and indomitable spirit. We teach the fundamentals of Martial Arts and offer a unique, well-balanced program for children and adults. 

At AmeriKick Andorra, our Martial Arts programs emphasize Concentration, Self-Discipline and Confidence.

At Amerikick we teach lessons for life and build tomorrows leaders today.



Amerikick Andorra is a proud sponsor of the scouting community and offers several self-defense, stranger danger and anti-bulling workshops to local scouting organizations FREE of CHARGE.




Amerikick took over at our karate studio a little over a year ago!! The things my son has learned and accomplished are amazing! The entire staff is so talented. The owners Al and Sharon have always been so great to my whole family, it's more than just a karate studio to them. It's a family! If your looking for amazing Sensei's to teach your children amazing sparring skills, weapons, forms and so much more (respect, discipline, and confidence) this is the place for you and your family! They also have MMA and Cardio classes which both are taught by the best instructors!" - Jackie M.

"Amerikick Andorra has a been a great experience for us and our kids. The instructors are great and are very patient with the kids and are willing to work one on one if a student needs help. Both my kids are enrolled at Amerikick in the beginner kids class. My son is doing great and has made good friends. My daughter who has Severe Apraxia of Speech and a motor skill delay has made great strides in her Karate training. She has gained confidence in herself and her abilities. Amerikick Andorra has a friendly atmosphere and a schedule that anyone should be able to attend several classes throughout the week. It's great exercise and gets kids out and moving several days a week. We joined in June and to date the kids are still excited go and learn new things." - Bill P.

"I know a year ago my son was struggling to find his thing he did and still does baseball but karate he just lights up while he is doing it and not just my child if you watch a class you can see its almost like they are able to leave all their insecurities rite where they bow on to the mat I don't know if its the staff makes them feel safe and un-judged where they are free from within themselves, to be able to try anything. I'm so thankful that I was able to find a place like this my son's confidence has skyrocketed. Thank you Amerikick" - Janie B.

"At AmeriKick Andorra, it's all about the kids. And it's obvious. Our family was anxious when the studio changed owners and AmeriKick took over. The anxiousness was dispelled within one lesson. My 2 girls have thrived under the new owners (the Kristoffs) and their family of kid friendly Sensei's. My kids are more confident, more disciplined, talk about karate all the time, have made many new friends and are having tons of fun. Attend one class and you will be a believer. Our family can't say enough nice things about AmeriKick Andorra. We would unequivocally recommend this studio." - Kevin M. 

"My grandson is a student at Amerikick- Andorra and he loves it! The owner, Sensei Al, is the best in the business and all of the senseis are courteous, dedicated, involved, patient, and excellent with the students--from knowing every child's name to giving them individual attention aside form the group classes, if needed. If you're looking for a martial arts school for your child, look no further because this is it. You would be hard-pressed to find a better atmosphere for your child and best of all, it's reasonably priced!" - Rosalyn M

“AmeriKick Andorra is absolutely amazing! My son has been going there since September for the Little Tigers class and he loves it. The staff is great and very helpful too. I would definitely recommend AmeriKick Andorra to anyone interested in placing their child(ren) in karate.” - Jeanne N.

“I have two daughters who take karate at AmeriKick Andorra and I would recommend the school. Both my girls have increased their levels of confidence, fitness and concentration. These skills are needed outside of martial arts especially in school and other sports. The senseis at the school try and encourage the students and really make them work hard.” - Dena S.

“My son has been attending Amerikick Andorra for about 4 months now and I must say he absolutely loves it!! He enjoys learning his Little Dragon Kata and often times I find him practicing at home, which says a lot for a 3 year old. He has learned so much in this short period of time and enjoys showing his "moves" to our family and friends. The staff and the Sensei's here at Amerikick are all very friendly and very professional. I like the fact that although they have classes for small children whose attention span is very short at times, the Sensei's never seem frustrated by that and always have a quick way of grabbing their attention back to class.

All in all, our son is enjoying this experience at Amerikick and we as his parents are enjoying it as well. I believe by having our son in Karate class he is gaining wonderful skills such as motor, listening and following directions as these are essential skills needed for pre-school. 

AmeriKick, keep up the good work!” - Jawhara P.

“AmeriKick Andorra is an exceptional karate school. The owner and instructors truly care for the children: They treat the children well; they teach the children well; and they guide the children well. My child has been at Amerikick Andorra for almost two years, and the experience has been both wonderful and rewarding. In general, Amerikick is an outstanding organization. 

In particular, Amerikick Andorra is an excellent sport karate school.” - Nick K.