Birthday Parties


 Can you imagine a child’s birthday party with no planning, decorating,  cooking, and NO clean up? 

Perhaps you dream of a child’s party packed  with games to keep everyone entertained. 

How about a party where YOU can Relax or Participate? 

What about an action packed birthday party where  the children learn something while having fun that they will remember for a lifetime? 

Amerikick Andorra is happy to host your child's birthday party and your child and friends are guaranteed a kickin' great time. 

All parties include: 

· 2 Hours of Fun 

2 hours of supervised fun (again, you can relax or participate) while our staff cater to your guests.

· Unlimited Water and Juice

· Pizza for Children 

· All Utensils (plastic forks, paper plates, napkins)

· Mini Karate Session

We will host a mini Martial Arts session. Your child will be upfront leading the session with a Black Belt Instructor. They will learn when and how to apply Karate techniques; and also learn that we use Karate only for Self Defense as a last result. 

· Set Up and Clean Up 

Best of all, you dont have to set-up, cook or clean-up. We do it all for you!